How to make tattoo


Watch where you get your tattoo. The tattoo artist will shave the spot where you want the motif. Don’t do it yourself, as you could damage the skin, but leave this task to the professional. Take a close look at the sketched picture on the deadline and make sure that everything is as you want it to be. Remember, this picture will be on your skin forever. If there is anything – any little detail – that doesn’t meet your expectations, pause immediately and tell the tattoo artist. There’s no need to be angry or panic. Say quite simply, “Hey, this place here? I’m not entirely thrilled about that. I’d rather have it a little more/less…”, whatever it may be. The tattoo artist will probably not be annoyed or take it personally – after all, he/she tries to read your mind a little, and even if it doesn’t exactly match your wishes, as a professional he/she knows how to correct it. If the artist reacts defensively, angrily or instructive, thank him and look for another studio. The painting will be on your body for a lifetime and if the artist is not ready to make it wonderful for you, then he is not the right one. Just relax. You’ll be nervous, but calm down as best you can. The tattoo artist will make sure it doesn’t hurt so much. When you sit in the chair, sing yourself a song or talk to the tattoo artist. Be sure to follow all instructions, move this or that, lean back, etc.